Keep it

Stop treatin’ us like we ain’t fuckin’ human keep yo mouth to yo’self and don’t think o’ resumin’ with treason gainst God or no God or all Gods you just stop and explain as you learn to refrain why the fuck don’t you learn how it is in this game? Keep it raw/keep it fake keep it all in yo’ face keep it shut keep that shit keep it locked in yo’ bitch keep it now keep it then and don’ say it again Stick it there on yo’ door Take it home where you lie keep it locked down inside and keep keepin’ it tied take it down take it six take it over the Styx I don’t care any more you just care bout yo’self you just wanna be famous like nobody else so just look as you sleep and wipe blood as you weep for I know that yo’ secrets alone I will keep as I keep them I see you bin doin’ to me what I do to mysel’ and my whole family.

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