With me,
There’s no test upon my vest
But I live in my own rainbow.
Look. Feel.
Enjoy the colours with me.

Don’t be a starer.
I don’t favour eye contact
But please don’t avoid my gaze.
Talk to ME, not my carer;
Be an asker, don’t be a starer.

See and say what you will-
What do my apparent patterns
Mean to you?
You’ll see and say
What you will.

I’m still alive.
I smiled when you told me that
your parents had died
Because what it meant to me
Was that Mine were still alive.

Understand me-
I’m Ritualistically frustrated ,
But might be less so
If you took the time to
Understand me.

My mom does – and
She does her part with
EVERY breath and
EVERY fiber of her being.
My mom does.

So, please, try.
I’m complex, and harder to love
To know me is to love me
Which will help you know yourself.
So please try.

I am the Rorschach shirt in the man.

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