How Liberate Tutemet Came Into Being

How The Blog Began……
LIBERATE TUTEMET – (or LIBERA TE TUTEMET) is a sweet l’il précis version of LIBERA TE TUTEMET EX INFERIS, Which means “save yourself from Hell” and is used to BEAUTIFULLY spooky effect in Event Horizon. (Nerd Alert)
These days it’s translated somewhat more loosely, having somewhat colloquially morphed into “Free Yourself” which is fine with me.   Another reason?  I just LOVE the music of the phrase.
But the main reason for the blog’s title was to honour a little throwaway Facebook post of mine that took on a life of its own a couple of years back.  The post ended up my most popular ever….and it was later used by a teacher friend who used it to educate the class about the power of language (and taking that power AWAY). Then a colleague used it for pretty much the same reason at an equal ops conference. I received no fewer than (in the end) 194 messages and emails of support for essentially having a big mouth…..
If you’re smart, you’ll get it. To be honest, if you’re reading this in the first place you probably already get ME so there you have it.
This is my CND. The Campaign for Noun Disarmament. And verbs, adjectives, phrases, or indeed anything else that tickles your fancy (whatever the fuck THAT means). I’m fed up with homofuckingphobia. I hate-with a passion-any kind of name-calling aimed at disabled people. Racism and Xenophobia disgust me.

So – let’s talk about it……why am I doing this when I risk offending the entire social media population?

Well – I saw some nasty kids picking on another, calling him a RETARD. (I’m guessing the kids’ parents are arsewipes too).

A (very) wise person suggested I repeat this word over and over to myself, meaninglessly, to take away its power. And do you know what? It worked. It was so liberating, in an almost other-worldly way that I’d not experienced before.

So here’s the deal. This is my room 101, where anything goes. I realise that I run the risk of offending MOST of my friends, but for anyone who has ever been the victim of bullying, or been on the receiving end of hatred, you might just understand why I’m doing this. And I’m ok with those odds.

Say these words in here. Repeat them. And in doing so, let’s take away their power. They do not control you; YOU control yourself. These words say so much more about the fuckwits that use them than they do about the person/group on the receiving end. They are JUST words: let’s disarm the fuckers.

These words are used with such vacuous hatred in this World of ours, so I want them THROWN AWAY lightly in here. I want them cast aside, banished into a Facebook comment.

Why on here? It’s the ideal forum. I have a superbly diverse set of friends, most of whom are creative and open-minded……Playwrights, Actors, Bloggers, Artists…….and teachers. Let’s TEACH.

This is for my gay friends. This is for my brown, black, and olive friends. This is for my friends who have kids with special needs. This is for my brother who is a FAGGOT and for my Mum who is a FUCKING CRIPPLE.

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