The Green is Greener


When a love that’s true repairs and replaces a false one, it doesn’t judge or criticise. There are lies of those unable to conceive of true perception and incapable of affection; blind to what’s real – what’s in front of them to love.  In front of them, ignored: a wasted heart. How foolish that they so imperceptibly and stealthily attack each molecule.



Destroying a soul…

A soul that feels undeserving; Unworthy because of them.

And then the pattern starts all over again…

…because of them.

But then…

True love finds a way…a gate…an opening…life unfolds and then there’s shock that such a thing exists…

With art.

With verse.

And in front of him,

her sorrow sits. 

He takes it on. 
He rescues her.
She does the same;
A fake love’s loss a true one’s gain.

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