We Can’t Breathe (The New Lynching)



In The States died a black man, his arms in the air /such a threat to the force that they reckoned death’s fair/he was shot through the head and the hand and the chest/making sense to the senseless but not to the rest/
And another with asthma, unable to breathe/while the cops stood around with no care nor reprieve/ No stay of execution, and no conscious guilt/where black murder’s the norm with cops armed to the hilt/
From the womb to a tree still they swing as they die/it’s a very strange fruit tree for this century/And a twelve-year old boy wound up dead on the floor/as his life took a final and evil detour/where’s humanity gone? Has good nature been pinched?/as they take and they torture and finally lynch/
There’s no law any more and no signs of ’em stoppin’/for their decency’s dead and their kindness forgotten/and although there’s no lynch-tree that bears its black fruit/this sick new way of lynching’s just “hassle and shoot”/whether rope or a gun, the outcome’s the same/the black death keeps repeating again and AGAIN/
If you run, if you stay, they will still take you out/ you comply then you die, there just isn’t a doubt / If you put your hands up, and you put up no fuss /If you reach for your licence, it feeds their bloodlust. /If you’re sitting there quietly a murder is likely/whether calmly, politely, because you’re not white, see?
They’ll shoot you up good, while your kid’s in the back – coz they wanna see blood if they’re white and you’re black. And denial, excuses, those things are all next – while they take admin leave, families clean up their mess.
And the spin and the shit about “look what he did”/like that makes it ok to dispose and get rid/character assassination defiles the deceased/whilst excusing the cops who remain unpoliced/

now another – a man with his arms way up high whilst he’s called a bad dude by a man in the sky, and AGAIN in a car as a man had a book,  as another life taken the cops gave no fucks
Still they kill one by one and move on when they’re done/to the next man in line they will turn once one’s gone/they will keep on and torture black terrified skin/ to lie, serve and protect their unlawful sick kin/but as humans we owe it to fuck with disaster/I won’t breathe till they stop because BLACK LIVES DO MATTER.


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