Sonnet 2,602


He said he’d guard my heart and keep me safe;

To take charge and protect me from myself;

We shared a twisted atheistic faith;

Our time and space an entity, we felt.

We spoke, we wrote, we sang of waking dreams;

Eternal sacrificial ink was spilled;

Injected, needled, elves in a machine;

So different were our words we formed a guild.

There poetry and promise not be kept;

Black static fed our grimaced tongue-tied souls;

And whilst I stayed for him, he tired and left.

Such madness means today the wind blows cold.


For I became the time that he forgot;

He said he’d guard my heart but he did not.

Sonnet 1,218


Decayed decade – ten years were at their end;

All possibilities were drunk away;
As love ignored so sex was put to bed;
As wine and beer made sleep the new awake.

Where pubs were homes, their homes razed to the ground;
Their vows unmade as lies became new truths;
What once was solid now in liquid drowned;
Unsolvable by self nor god nor sleuth.

But all these broken breakages were musts;
The dark allowing light to shine right through;
Permitting love so pure of heart and trust;
Empowering a hope from muse anew.

For now it’s clear why marriage did not take;
Now raise a glass and drink to true love’s sake.



Liberate Tutemet

And so…YOU’RE GONNA write another story. Flash fiction? A novella? You don’t know – having not yet decided (and you’re buggered if you even know WHAT the fuck it’ll be about).

And so, you’ll begin a sentence with ‘and so’, firstly: just because you CAN – and secondly because the rules are supposed to be fucked with. <<<Let those modifiers and participles dangle. If you LIKE the sound of ‘em, let ‘em swaaaaay.

You also like to see sticklers shudder when they see you giving a big YES to one of their no-nos. It would be worth mentioning at this point that BECAUSE you refuse to adhere to the laws and destructions, neither can you not employ double negatives.

Also this: the subject’s not THAT important to you. The theme, the structure, the characterisation….it’ll all just COME together as it always does; as it has done many times before. You…

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