For Bookywook day….why King Lear is my fave…. it’s not a book, exactly…but it’s IN one…😂😂😂😂😂

Liberate Tutemet

I’ve been asked a gazillion times, “Why the tattoo?” – Well, I went on a little Lennon-pilgrimage where I happened upon beautiful graffiti.  There were beautiful words painted in Beatlesome spots by Lennon fans, to remind him that he LIVES. Lyrics written by him, and repeated by die-hard fans decades later. And that’s when it hit me: this sudden EPIPHANY of “Why the FUCK do I not have any Shakey written on my body?” I OWE him.

The ink of choice was an easy decision. It’s the most beautiful, powerful catalyst of a quote, from a woman who doesn’t realise her own strength of character. She knows her Dad, though, and is pretty likely to have an idea of the banishment that’ll happen if she tells the truth. She contemplates hushing, but like ME, she can’t lie. Nor can she keep quiet. It’s impossible. And by the tragically unhappy end…

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