Liberate Tutemet

I met some eyes and stared a while;
For in their sadness: mine.
I was the sponge who soaked their sobs;
Their weeps and cries and whines.
When wetness over, tears the foe;
I dried my soaking-sponge.
When he was dry, his tears now mine;
I listened to his tongue.
He told a story rich but poor,
Of past and present true;
Where hurt was bare, love had no chance;
No nights or days to rue.
Then soulful power followed us,
With prose and hopeful song;
With care and early promises
Of love forever long.
Six decades passed and still we loved;
Addicted to each other;
Those eyes I met again and stared;
Across the ‘planes- my lover.
When time was done and days were up;
We lay and linked our hands;
A burial of hearts embraced;
Now hidden ‘neath the sand.

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