I’m SO not a racist – how very DARE you- for I had a brown neighbour and once knew a Jew.

How CAN you accuse me of bigoted views when the Paki shop’s there as the one I still use? What? You just accused me AGAIN, did you not?

Well, I once knew a blacksort who lived down the road so don’t call me a bigot; stop writing that ode. And they’re all muslims anyway – want us all dead; I’ve the right to defend ‘gainst a gun to my head. And they bow in their mosques to exclusion of me – where is MY sacred church? Why can’t I be as free? And my one God is THE God and they are all wrong; and I’ll kiss his godarse via word and in song.

Forget those atrocities caused by Crusade, just pull up a white chair and drink white lemonade. Forget Christians ‘splayin dead skin from their doors. (And Hypatia, schmatia- rubbish folklore).

Think now of white Jesus – just look at the art; and don’t start with semantics, I’ll wisdom-impart. You’ll find Nigger’s from Niger, or black – so it’s free to be used if you still have the knack, don’t you see?

And Paki’s contracted – I’ll enjoy and I’ll use it, whilst speech remains free they can’t say I abuse it; and WOG’s just an acronym I’m gonna use, whilst I think about chinks and those orthodox Jews.

Coz it’s them or it’s me so I’m happy to say that if God came to visit they’d be on their way. For I know I am right, see – and they are all evil with blackness and hatred of all we white people.

But I’m still not a prejudiced bigotty racist – now come here while I teach you the white person basics.

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