A love that hid had been there all along; not knowing what to do or how to feel – with unexpressed refrain via word and song, it died a little more with each deep need. Habitual fucked suffering bore he, and never had he seen the things he should. But soon he’d borrow new – two eyes of she, and all at once a mirror: understood. A touch, a hug, a blanketed embrace…a kiss, a smile, a closed eye to correct. As shivers resonated, he gave words – his stories read, preparing to protect. And in their future, separation’s wrong, not figuring in thoughts or dreams awake; not happening in dreams nor thoughts asleep – subconscious love so real for true love’s sake. Through sleeping passion she would swell her lips as slowly he’d forget to recollect; a hug…a warm and blanketed embrace, this man in life so fucked, in dreams perfect.

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