Our Place


In a place called Tomorrow – please learn of it now
there no fucks must be given, no when and no how;
In Tomorrow two minds comprehend the insane
and illogic makes sense ‘cross a watery plain;
Your Tomorrow is now just a lap at your shore
and a saviour – not Christ – knocks a knock at your door;
There forever beats never and spits in its face
which it beats to a blood-pulp and leaves not a trace;
As it learns to replace where its heaven is hellish
where both True and Complete beat an unsettled marriage.
Here all time planes diverge or they split into two;
once converged, now emerges a me and a you
and we two become one as we always just WERE
where we kiss as we fuck and we fuck as we stare;
For this place called Tomorrow, it’s raw and it’s real
there it’s filthy and loving, fuckpleasures congealed;
where it’s everything dirty yet none of it is
where forever is always and nothing is sin.
There’s no fucktwats or evilfucks messing with us;
for I love all you are: and I love you because.
The same in reverse has not ever been truer
as you love like you’ve never considered another;
You embrace me and pedestal-place me up there
where you stare in my eyes and you play with my hair;
where you kiss me and love me and read me to sleep,
and with closed eyes protect me with vision unpeeped.
In this place- in this home, or wherever we are,
whether near or apart it will never be far;
in two hearts love one soul and one mind holds another;
where our past’s in the past and is never a bother:
Thank ourselves, thank our pasts, thank Eros’ random arrow;
from this love of today we shall love more tomorrow.

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