Take my ears
And listen how to drop that life;
Ignore the past for it has passed.
Embrace the now because it’s here
and ours for keeps; just fuck the lot –You’re not like them.
I’m not like them;
We’re not like them.
It’s not your fault
nor is it mine.
Just let me in;
Just hear me knock.
And as I do,
You’ll open up
And as you do
I’ll give you love
A thing I have a fuckload of
And you’ll give back in smile, embrace;
In hugs in blankets
Stories told
As Love erases history
A future which
Lives on and then
Eternity shall live again
A first time love
Two born again
Where whispered words
make love anew
And you admit
That in this now
That somehow
Somewhere it
Makes sense
Where time and space
Conspire as one
Where each
coincidence is good,
where nothing
Harms you – never shall
For you are mine
Your soul, your shell
Your mind, your body:
All these things.
There’s things that you
can’t see for now
And as I lend my eyes and ears
at last you’ll listen how.

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