Write a place to call home, in a poem or tome
And imagine it’s real, where we’re two, not alone
Take me here, take me there, hold my legs in the air
While we kiss as we fuck and we fuck as we stare
Do it now, do it then, do it over again
On a bed, anywhere, anyhow, anywhen
Make it long, make it quick, as we fuck, suck and lick
As we mend all the parts that nobody could fix
With a kiss, with a smile, do it fast, take a while
As we turn it down low or we crank up the dial
Give it hard, give it soft, give it all that ya got
As we make it to bed or we fuck on the spot
For it matters not now ‘bout the when or the how
All that matters is that you are here with me now
Dirty fucking is pure, and soft lovemaking raw
As you cum deep inside me, or else you withdraw
For there’s no room for sin and there’s no room for guilt
And our love is the mortar cementing this build
Our fuckpleasures are true as we love through and through
We replace and embrace this new me and new you
Give no worry nor care to the when or the where
It’s a love that is real and a love that is rare
When we’re old we will sit and we shall reminisce
‘bout the love that began with reciprocal kiss
For this love, if you note – which to us we devote
All took place in our hearts in this home that we wrote.