T e n M i l l i o n


I won ten million quid the other day
-My lotto ticket only cost me two
And once I’d whooped a cheer and a hooray
I thought of what I’d spend and what I’d do.

I asked the houseless man who slept outside
-Perhaps he’d have a home if he’d have won
I asked the girl whose cancered Ma would die
-Maybe expensive drugs’d save her Mum.

I asked a bleeding country for some notes
To tell me what to do with refugees
I asked if I could keep their lives afloat
By being friends, erasing enemies.

I looked into the eyes of the abused
All lost, abandoned, empty with despair;
Sage counsel and compassion might be used
To build a building offering free care.

And all those people looked right back at me;
Material irrelevance not right.
I didn’t need it – gave it all away.
And once I did, I lived a wealthy life.


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