A darkness-taunting light he spoke to me;
A missing part, a tongued wordful rub;
To him I wrote a sign that we could be;
Inevitable imminence of love.
Receptive to his body, I gave mine
As he gave his without a second thought
As gods were jealous, humans were divine;
I told my feelings true, not what I ought.
Now soon the fuckful dream be realised
When I shall grind him close in love’s embrace
As we look up we see a loving sky;
A diff’rent world begun from the same place.

A place for fuckful love and loveful fuck;
This love: begun with chances that we took.



She lost and loved and loved and lost
Before she loved The One
And then she loved a little more
To make a more expensive cost
Before she would be gone

She drank and drank and then she drank
Before she drank some more
And then she had a drink or two
To make the dark more dark and dank
Before she hit the floor

She slept and slept and then she slept
Before she slept so deep
And then she slept a day or two
To make awake be from her kept
Before she slept a week

She died so slowly from the wine
Before we knew what for
And then she left us with herself
To make reminders of the time
Before, before, before.