We Can’t Breathe (The New Lynching)



Liberate Tutemet


In The States died a black man, his arms in the air /such a threat to the force that they reckoned death’s fair/he was shot through the head and the hand and the chest/making sense to the senseless but not to the rest/
And another with asthma, unable to breathe/while the cops stood around with no care nor reprieve/ No stay of execution, and no conscious guilt/where black murder’s the norm with cops armed to the hilt/
From the womb to a tree still they swing as they die/it’s a very strange fruit tree for this century/And a twelve-year old boy wound up dead on the floor/as his life took a final and evil detour/where’s humanity gone? Has good nature been pinched?/as they take and they torture and finally lynch/
There’s no law any more and no signs of ’em stoppin’/for their decency’s dead and their kindness forgotten/and although…

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