All Lies Matter – By Guest Blogger, Dyer Wilk


No, we don’t see them, my fair-skindred friends
The people whose lives we rent and we rend
We see darkness and blackness and blackification
We brand them a “them” – a generalization
We see thugs and killers and sinners who sin
Not fathers and brothers with love deep within
We see crack whores and hood rats who speak English bad
Not mothers and daughters with lives to be had
We see welfare, the lazy, the un-bootstrapped filth
Not children in need with stomachs to fill
We’ll doom them and damn them to prove our moot point
That black folks are violent and won’t disappoint
We watch them so closely for the slightest sign
That they’ll disobey us and step out of line
And if they comply, it’s all just the same
Compliance still buys them a shot in the face
And when bodies lie bleeding, we seek a distraction
Coz their lives don’t matter, not even a fraction


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