Away in Aleppo


Away in Aleppo
No living, just dead
The little grey city
-a gun to its head
The bombs in the bright sky
Look down where kids lay
And drop on the families
Each night and each day

The weapons are lowing
The babies won’t wake
For dead little children
No crying can make
Some beg thee, Lord Jesus
Look down from the sky
And stay by Aleppo
‘Til morning is nigh

Away in Aleppo
No houses, no beds
The rest of the world now
Lay down their sweet heads
The guns in the heavens
Look down where they lay

Murder by bombing’s
The Syrian way

Away in Aleppo
No hope for a bed
The little Lord Jesus
Turns shoulder and head
I hate thee Lord Jesus
You aren’t in the sky
Unless you like leaving
Aleppo to die.

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