O beautiful for marching ones,
For fighters good and strong,
Those champions so loud of tongue
In protesting such wrongs

America! America!
Folk shed their grace on thee
And crowned thy good with sisterhood
For all of us to see!

O beautiful for suffragettes;
Imprisonment refused
With dignity their cause addressed
For they shall not be moved!

America! America!
The people mend thine flaws
Confirmed their hearts upon their march,
Such power unforesaw!

O beautiful for heroes new
In liberating hope
Who shared their love in global view;
Disproving misanthropes

America! America!
Your people, love defined
In grace they showed both friend and foe:
Humanity’s divine!

O beautiful for female dreams
Of choice and of consent
For millions of marching teams
Refuse to be oppressed

America! America!
You can’t have hope denied
When crowning good with sisterhood
And menfolk at their side!

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