As she feeds on him, so she is nourished. The perpetual mustness of this requirement for essential sustenance is met with ad-hoc delivery, for now. Planless existences and futures are the way forward, despite their apparent stalling nature. It is what it is, as the trite shite goes … But this must also mean that it isn’t what it isn’t.

Darks and lights combine to make the invisible visible; a spectrum of complex effects whose purpose it is to project the protection of They.

Where once were fools now sit the learned. Becoming unbecoming was a lesson of the past; in the now and here, fuckgivelessness is not only a virtue but a flaw to a fault and a depiction of the undisclosed. Being afraid keeps them fearless and drives them forward, despite the Backwards nature of They.

As brains take a feeding, so do they feed. As kindling kindred souls warm in the heat of the Other and bask in Otherly delights, and as hearts envelop joy for oxygen’s sake, she empties her plate. For this: the more she devours him, the hungrier she becomes.

And she is starving.


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