Nipples in the Rain


I do not like discussing the weather
Not even to set a story’s scene
But I do reserve the right
To dance naked and umbrellaless in the rain
And parade around in the snow sans bra until my nipples stand to attention just so they can make a point while simultaneously glamorous and hard
Like fairies that fuck
Each other over
Flamboyance is just for my own eyes:
Instead of having a night on the ale with the friends I don’t have
I remain content to sit in the garden with the Lilac trees whose existence proves that nature rewards the nocturnal nose.
Do not pity me
For although I had my father for a dad and a tent for a house
And despite the illogical godfulness of my ill-informed formatives
I worked my ass off to escape myself
And I did escape myself
And I did escape
And I did.


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