Time has bugger all to do with clocks. They’re just measuring sticks. Brit clocks have backwarded themselves already, whilst America waits a couple more days. Last week, NYC was 5 hours in my past, but now, only 4. There’s been no alteration to time and space, so the fact that I am now only 4 hours in New York’s future is just because someone somewhere says so. And next week, the difference reverts to five hours once more with the exact same non-alteration to the fabric of the universe and lack of intervention from Kronos. Who doesn’t exist.

Call it disloyalty to Astronomical Royalty…



I was my own doppelgänger; but having to accept the unacceptable was part of the deal. I vowed to unvow, do the undoing, and move forward by travelling backwards. A few hours there would make all the difference – a few DAYS and I’d easily be able to create a whole new co-existence. My two gestalt halves needed merging, and as there was no suchness as the present, I’d have to retrieve myself from five hours in the past, where I’d left myself nine years before. In a different time, this same space would house new occupants: both of them me.