Sonnet 1,218


Decayed decade – ten years were at their end;

All possibilities were drunk away;
As love ignored so sex was put to bed;
As wine and beer made sleep the new awake.

Where pubs were homes, their homes razed to the ground;
Their vows unmade as lies became new truths;
What once was solid now in liquid drowned;
Unsolvable by self nor god nor sleuth.

But all these broken breakages were musts;
The dark allowing light to shine right through;
Permitting love so pure of heart and trust;
Empowering a hope from muse anew.

For now it’s clear why marriage did not take;
Now raise a glass and drink to true love’s sake.



I met some eyes and stared a while;
For in their sadness: mine.
I was the sponge who soaked their sobs;
Their weeps and cries and whines.
When wetness over, tears the foe;
I dried my soaking-sponge.
When he was dry, his tears now mine;
I listened to his tongue.
He told a story rich but poor,
Of past and present true;
Where hurt was bare, love had no chance;
No nights or days to rue.
Then soulful power followed us,
With prose and hopeful song;
With care and early promises
Of love forever long.
Six decades passed and still we loved;
Addicted to each other;
Those eyes I met again and stared;
Across the ‘planes- my lover.
When time was done and days were up;
We lay and linked our hands;
A burial of hearts embraced;
Now hidden ‘neath the sand.

Not Nobody But Someone


No-one sees the sadness in your eyes,
No-one knows the fact that in your past you would be dead;
No-one likes the madness/sane disguise,
No-one cares what’s wrapped up in your vast two-person head.
No-one sees the sorrow of your lips;
No-one knows the fact that in their pout they hide blood red;
No-one wants the danger of your kiss;
No-one thinks of mongrels – only wanting thoroughbreds.
So fuck this no-good nobody right off;
And go and find a someone who embraces all your pasts;
Coz someone somewhere loves the all of you;
Your diffidence, your horror, and your crazy little laughs.
So look and let this someone love you deep;
This someone loving you for all your NOW and all your WAS.
That somebody is waiting here for keeps;
And this is why they love you: not despite but JUST BECAUSE.


Insightful and inciteful….erasing and ungracing nature’s disgrace where confidence escaped ya where ya missed th’bigger picture and took it to your bin with arsenals of diabolical farcical particles of affordable proportion that purports to unenforceable and your friendship unendorceable: it’s subliminal, sublime, this uncriminal untexted crime.



I found a soul, inside my own
He’d been there all along
He built a castle for me to stay
Filled with the contents of his heart,
And an omnipresent song.

He held the key and held me close:
The World it ends, but starts again
As I embrace his passion,
The smile he’s painted on my face
He’s God, he’s man, he’s men.

He sounds like Heaven falling down
Which Together we’ll rebuild.
We’re reaching farther than ever
And as we do we shiver,close
With Desire, our fate fulfilled.