This is how it went down:
There was love.

On her part, at least, there was love.
It wasn’t returned.

She hoped it might be, one day.
Contact was full-on…until it wasn’t.

Until she was no longer in his thoughts.

Until she awoke.

Once again, she’d been manipulated and kept around like a fail-safe, idiot-proof, back-up plan. She could imagine his intentions as he played her like the afterthought she’d always been, “she’ll just be there, waiting for me as always.”

But no.
No, she wasn’t.
She wasn’t waiting.

She had already lived her life thus far in an unrequited state and wasn’t about to continue lovelessly.

In the beginning, he had spoken of his desire that one day she would know her worth. He would make her see it. He would make her realise that she should never value herself based on that which she meant to others. It was all in HER, he said.

She is finally aware of her worth. She also knows her value to him – which is insignificantly minimal.

But she f i n a l l y knows her own worth.

And still, love is there. But this time, it’s the love she has for herself.